Fully accredited

When it comes to road freight, Namibian Clearing Agency is at the forefront of modern clearing agent technology. Through its accreditation with the Department of Customs and Excise, all clearing and forwarding agent’s documents are submitted through the EDI system in South Africa and Assicunda System in Namibia. Skilled staff submit bills of entries and per-clearance very efficiently.

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Geared for speed

We expedite documentation presented for clearance. We have staff that collect any clearing and forwarding documents and obtain releases from border authorities. We assist clients with customs registration documentation process.

Round the clock

Namibian Clearing Agency provides 24-hour supervision to oversee cargo of our clients. We also engage accredited surveyors in order to provide certification for any freight, where and when required.

Perishable cargo

As a clearing agent company, Namibian Clearing Agency manage large perishable cargo between South Africa, Namibia & Angola.